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What makes Wisconsin Log Homes the best choice?

On a regular basis, we get asked the question “what makes Wisconsin Log Homes better than all the other companies out there?” Truth is, there are many reputable companies in this industry and we are grateful to have a longstanding track record of excellence and be amongst all of them. That being said, to answer our clients’ question, these are the top reasons we feel we are the best choice.


Aside from the Janczak family (our founders/owners), the entire Wisconsin Log Homes team is family. We are a tight-knit group of design and build experts all working together toward the same goal – making sure our clients receive the best quality in both the services they receive and the home they will live in.

There’s something to be said for doing business with a small, privately owned, hard-working, honest company. Our clients come to us because they trust us; this is the ultimate compliment and one we take very seriously. We earn our clients’ trust right from the start by being upfront and honest with them even if it means we might not get their business. Especially when it comes to pricing, we refuse to provide any unrealistic numbers or expectations just to get someone in the door. Our business name, our family’s name, and our reputation means everything to us and we will never jeopardize that just to make a sale.


Our clients and their homes truly mean the world to all of us at Wisconsin Log Homes. Each team member is personally invested in every project that comes through our door. Nate Janczak, President of Wisconsin Log Homes, takes the time to personally work on each project alongside our experts from the design phase through construction (he is also a hands-on General Contractor for homes being built in Wisconsin). Even though you might mainly speak to your personal Home Consultant throughout the process to keep things organized and streamlined, you have a complete team of behind-the-scenes experts each playing a major role in bringing your dream home to fruition. This isn’t just a business to us, this is our passion and who we are.


When you work with us, every square inch of your home is customized to fit your needs, wants and style. Endless hours are put into working with clients to create their highly functional floor plan and a dream home that meets all their expectations. Since 1976, we have never designed or built the same home twice.

There are no limits when selecting options for each and every finish that goes into your unique home. We are not a company that will show you option A, B or C for each item, have you pick one of them, and call it “custom.” We are a company that has a vast amount of options for everything that goes into your truly, one-of-a-kind custom home. However, some clients will personally request our team to show them only 2-3 options based on our expertise to make their decisions easier… and we are happy to do so!

Does our company provide flooring, countertops, plumbing fixtures, appliances and lighting in our packages? No. There are literally thousands of options to choose from when it comes to your home’s decorative finishes and new items are being released into the industry on a regular basis, so we leave that to industry experts who specialize in each of those categories so our clients get the latest and greatest of everything, and exactly what they are looking for.


Our goal has never been to provide the most homes; it’s always been to provide the best homes. If we focused on designing, manufacturing and building as many homes as physically possible, we would be forced to sacrifice the level of quality in both our services and our homes – because ultimately, we would be spread too thin – and we would in turn be sacrificing everything our company is about.

By not focusing on selling the most homes in the industry, we have been able to virtually “hand-hold” each client throughout the entire design/build journey and beyond. We take the time to be thorough and give each client our very best and the personalized time and attention each project requires. Our clients tell us routinely that they really appreciate the personal service they receive from us at every stage of the process and that they are not just a number pushed through a business.


If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” We accept every challenge from our clients that comes our way, such as a unique design idea/request that becomes a chain reaction to other structural components throughout the home. Almost every project has something that needs to be worked through diligently. Whether it takes a few hours or a few days, our team prides itself in striving to make anything happen for our clients and ensuring that we do everything right the first time. Each challenge brings growth to our team, so we welcome them with open arms.


We’ve been in business since 1976. Our founders shaped the industry into what it is today, and we were the first to pioneer the hybrid wood home (mix of materials) style, which we trademarked the “Thermal-Log” building system in 1979. We’ve worked on projects of all different sizes, styles, and calibers. We’ve built homes all over the Country – in each and every state, and even overseas and in faraway places. Each project has brought new challenges, ideas and lessons that are invaluable to our company’s success. Our history is more than just things we’ve done in the past; it’s the knowledge and experience that we have gained along the way that has brought us where we are today.

We’re not a team that will boast by saying we’ve done it all… we’re a team that will be humble and always look forward to what’s to come. We’re a team that doesn’t follow, we lead.

Dave & Kathy Janczak in 1976 after building their first log home.

Pictured Above: Dave & Kathy Janczak after building their first log home in 1976.  The start of Wisconsin Log Homes...

A growing famly business. Kathy, Dave, Nate & Stephanie Janczak

Pictured Above: A growing family business.  Kathy, Dave, Nate & Stephanie Janczak.