Custom Wood Homes


Energy smart, from the start.

“In the 1970’s, our frustration with the inherent issues of true solid-log construction set the direction and shaped our company’s identity. We loved the look and feel of wood homes, but were very concerned with the settling problems that naturally came along with them. To address our concerns, we pioneered the Thermal-Log™ building system – the first “half-log” in the industry - to overcome the inadequacies of log on log construction while still achieving the same look, if not better. Once our Thermal-Log™ proved itself to the industry and many of our homeowners, we completely stopped selling solid-log homes and directed our focus toward smart, energy efficient, custom hybrid designs that lived as well as they looked.” -Dave & Kathy Janczak (Founders)

Intelligently Modern, Naturally Appealing. A home for the way you live.

Since the 1970's, Wisconsin Log Homes has been providing leadership in energy efficient log, timber and hybrid home construction. Since the founding of Wisconsin Log Homes, our name has been synonymous with the highest level of quality and creativity. When we introduced our Thermal-Log™ building system in 1979, we revolutionized the log and timber home industry. Our Thermal-Log™ provided the structural integrity, comfort and peace of mind people needed to build their dream home. The Thermal-Log™ building system is designed to ensure that insulation and thermal mass work effectively together within the framework of a tightly constructed house, locking out costly air infiltration and locking in expensive energy.

The Thermal-Log™ building system features an energy-smart core insulated wall that is air-tight and draft-free. This innovative system provides a structured framework that will not shrink or settle like other log home systems, resulting in a wood home that is much easier to maintain with proven durability to last for generations to come.

Our Thermal-Log™ building system also allows for complete design freedom - including large expanses of glass window walls and large open interiors with exceptionally high ceilings. In addition to these structural advantages, the Thermal-Log™ offers countless design possibilities - you can choose any interior finish you like - such as log, stone, paneling, shiplap, tongue & groove, drywall, etc. With our many different log and timber styles, sizes and species available, your design options and finish combinations are limitless.


A Case Study

In a private study, David Janczak, founder of Wisconsin Log Homes, compared a 16-inch solid-log home with a home built using his Thermal-Log™ Building System. David found that the Thermal-Log™ home used one-third the amount of energy to heat twice the amount of living space.

As a result, in 1979, Wisconsin Log Homes completely stopped building and selling solid-log homes. Why such an emphasis on energy efficiency? Because savings are greater than you may think – hundreds of dollars the first year, thousands of dollars in the future. All the money in the world won't buy energy once it's gone.

Note: Case study heating costs are from the same ten-month heating season, and the homes tested were within thirty miles of each other.