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Foyer Forethought

The Foyer: the space where your home, quite literally, makes its big first impression!  Aside from welcoming guests, the main purpose of the foyer is to bridge the space between the outside and in.  This space should be functional and full of style that tells the story of what’s to come throughout the rest of your home. 

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”

First, consider the way your family and guests will use this space.  Does your family need actual storage space for outerwear, umbrellas, etc., or just a convenient place to hang your guests’ jackets when they visit?  If you need permanent storage for your own day-to-day use, you can incorporate it in many ways, including a traditional closet, built-in cabinetry, a tall armoire, benches with storage underneath (think decorative metal or wood bins), or even freestanding pottery or urns. 

Remember, no matter how large or quaint it is, your foyer should be warm and welcoming.  A cozy foyer can be designed to be elegant or informal, and a spacious foyer can be designed to be inviting or grand.  Consider basic design principles such as unity, balance, harmony and scale.  These principals can be manipulated with color, texture, furnishings, lighting and accessories. 

For the design, start with the ceiling and work your way down.  With taller ceilings, you may incorporate handcrafted elaborate timber trusses or a large light fixture…or possibly both.  You can do the same design details in smaller foyers with a lower ceiling height, just be sure everything is scaled appropriately. 

Incorporating furniture pieces into your foyer can add both interest and function.  Accent tables act as a convenient place to set things like car keys and mail.  Or a bench is a great way to add seating for your family and friends to have a place to take shoes on and off. 

The foyer is a place you can display statement art or collectibles – something that introduces your guests to your personality and also sets the tone for the rest of the home.  A large mirror can add an artistic touch but also make the space feel larger.  Maybe you want to display a modern portrait of your family of four?  Or maybe you have an old painting from your childhood home that’s really special to you.  Feel free to add something that’s unique to your family. 

On the floor, choose a product that is durable and easy to clean but also acts as a representation of your style.  Decide if the floor will contrast with your walls or blend more subtly.  You can add a pop of color and soft texture with a large area rug that will help keep the floor clean when guests come in from the front porch but also add to your foyer’s overall style.  Just be sure its durable enough to handle wet boots on those rainy days or in the winter!

Last but not least, the foyer is a perfect place to feature an accent wall or gorgeous custom staircase!  A rustic stone wall or a custom timber staircase would be show stoppers from the second your guests enter.  The foyer is a great way to introduce the design that will flow throughout the remainder of your home.  Have fun with it!