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What makes Wisconsin Log Homes the best choice?

On a regular basis, we get asked the question “what makes Wisconsin Log Homes better than all the other companies out there?” Truth is, there are many reputable companies in this industry and we are grateful to have a longstanding track record of excellence and be amongst all of them. That being said, to answer our clients’ question, these are the top reasons we feel we are the ...
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Comparing Costs from Multiple Companies

When research begins for a custom wood home project, typically clients will interview companies and inquire about pricing. For some, they already have their plans in hand with a copyright release and will procure bids from several companies to be sure their home is competitive and fairly priced. For the other majority, they do not yet have a floor plan in hand and are looking for a ballpark ...
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Coastal European Cottage Style Home - Designed, Built & Decorated by our In-House Team

This home... when describing it in one word, we choose “peaceful.” As you walk in the door, you feel like you’re walking into this sanctuary. Your soul is instantly put at ease and it seems to make you relax and feel like you have more time. You get that instant “I’m in my happy place” sort of feeling, which is exactly what the owners wanted. First, a little ...
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What is a Hybrid Home?

The start of our Hybrid Homes After visiting their parent's home land in the late 1970's, a couple wanted us to build them a European stone style cottage. Knowing that they wanted to incorporate log and other building materials, the couple eagerly took advantage of Wisconsin Log Homes' Thermal-Log™ Building System since solid log home providers would not have the necessary design options ...
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Floor Plan Insight

FLOOR PLAN INSIGHT: IMPORTANT FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN DESIGNING YOUR HOME. Functionality, artistic architecture, unique design details, energy efficiency and precious property views are at the forefront of each of our custom wood homes. The floor plan is the first and most important step to creating a home that lives as well as it looks. First, think about your day-to-day lifestyle: how will ...