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Dave Janczak
Founder of Wisconsin Log Homes, Inc.

The industry calls it Hybrid. We call it Design Freedom.  

After visiting their parent's home land in the late 1970's, a couple wanted us to build them a European stone style cottage.  Knowing that they wanted to incorporate log, the couple eagerly took advantage of Wisconsin Log Homes Thermal-LogTM Building System since solid log home providers would not have the necessary design options available to them.  By integrating our handcrafted wood products (including both log and thick timbers) with stunning natural stone work, we were able to achieve the timeless architectural style the owners desired. 

It didn't take long for custom homebuyer's to understand that our versatile, innovative building system gave them the ability to create a true hybrid home to accommodate their personal style and needs.  The flexibility of our Thermal-Log system allows our clients to enjoy an extensive range of architectural styles. But most importantly, they have the freedom to select and combine the unique building products they want to create their very own dream home. 

Today, the industry calls these homes that combine various materials and design styles "hybrid," but we've always called it "design freedom" that allows us to better service each and every one of our homeowners.  Kathy and I never wanted to limit our homeowners to just one product like log.  Product selection and integration - whether log, timber, stone, glass, shakes, drywall, or any other building materials imaginable - is a normal step in our custom design process... and a step that clients really enjoy and take advantage of.

When you decide to build with us, you'll be amazed with the creativity of our experienced architectural team and the flexibility you'll have in designing a home that's just right for you, both inside and out. 

With all the current attention and appreciation for hybrid homes in the log and timber industry, it's very rewarding to look back and know that our Thermal-LogTM Building System, pioneered by our team in the 1970's, revolutionized the industry to this day and truly made "dream" homes possible for everyone.