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What are Luxury Services?  

Building our first log home over 39 years ago, Kathy and I learned first-hand that the quality of your experience is just as important as the quality of your home.

In fact, we founded Wisconsin Log Homes in 1976 with an idea to offer a complete package and complete services. "Putting it all together" is our specialty.  And making your design and building experience efficient and enjoyable is our priority.

Having been customers many times ourselves, we understand that it takes more than just great products and services to please customers; it takes great people and great relationships.  When you decide that Wisconsin Log Homes is the right fit for you, you'll be surrounded with friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy people who are here to meet your personalized needs and guide you through the entire process.  And naturally, they'll help you create wonderful memories along the way.   

From our saw mill to our design artists and craftsman, our team will make sure all the details are addressed.  Here are some of the people who will surround you... 

Personal Home Consultant:

From your first contact with Wisconsin Log Homes, your personal home consultant will provide honest answers, guidance, support, and the assistance you need.  They are not here to "sell" you a home...they are here to guide you in a direction that's right for you.  Your home consultant will be your primary contact and resource throughout the process. Clients tell us how their relationship with our consultants often grows into lifelong friendships, which is the ultimate compliment.  In fact, just yesterday I received a letter from the Arbours' saying the following about their consultant -

"Over the last year and a half or so I had the pleasure of getting to know our home consultant, Clay Veldt.  Clay has been an invaluable resource to us.  Clay was always available to us and always had answers to our many questions.  He was very knowledgeable not only about the Wisconsin Log Homes product, but also about log homes in general, as well as the industry.  Throughout this process Clay became not only our consultant, but also our friend.  I think that speaks volumes for Clay and his level of service.  I not only relied on Clay for answers to my questions, but looked forward to our conversations just because I enjoyed talking with him.  My husband and I even enjoyed him as our dinner guest when he was here for a log home show.  It is my belief that people tend to be very quick to complain when they feel that customer service has been less than what they expected, but not so quick to let management know when just the opposite occurs and someone like Clay goes way above what is expected." 

Architectural Designers:

Our designers are noted as the best in the industry.  For starters their designs are brilliant; however they are most respected for their consideration of individual lifestyle requirements, their attention to detail, and their ability to really listen to your needs and visions. They will work with you and your home consultant to incorporate all your ideas and needs into the plan of your dreams, and give you helpful advice and input based on their knowledge and experience.  Your visions will always be respected when working with our team.

Project Managers & Builders:

Finding a builder you trust to construct your home with attention to quality and detail is an important step in building a custom wood home.  You don't have to worry about finding a builder you trust when working with Wisconsin Log Homes, as we have our own project manager and National Builder Network filled with qualified contractors throughout the world.  If you already have a builder in mind, we'll help you qualify them.

Interior Designers:

Imagine working with an interior designer who sets aside all egos and truly listens to your desires and helps you achieve the style you envision, not the style she or he prefers. Imagine the comfort and reassurance you'll receive with personalized assistance throughout the entire design and build process.  Working with one of the top interior designers in the industry, you'll get expert guidance with room arrangement, furniture selection, lighting, rugs, accessories, cabinetry, paint and stain to achieve your specific design style. 

Custom Work Shop:

As some of you may already know, my passion aside from log homes is designing and building mantels, furniture, and tables.  Because so many of our clients come to us for unique rustic pieces, we decided to offer our homeowners custom crafted doors, mantels, trusses, stairs, railings, unique trim, furniture, lighting, cabinets, hardware, tables, bar tops, root flared logs, hand-scraped woods, carvings, taxidermy, antler artwork and paintings. 

We are proud to offer these services to you and hope you'll give us the opportunity to prove our decades of knowledge, experience, innovation and dedication in your custom wood home.  As always, please call or e-mail with any questions.