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Homes In Harmony with Nature - by Kathy Janczak (co-founder)  

We periodically hear concerns from people about the trees we use and how we harvest our logs in harmony with nature.  I'd like to share a few personal reasons why this subject is very dear to me and Dave.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and learned to live with the land and nature in my early years.  As a family, we tried to rely exclusively on gardening, farming and the land for most of our needs.  Our heat was generated from the dead trees we cut on our land.  We grew and canned all of our own vegetables and fruits.  All of our milk products came from our dairy herd, and our meat was also home grown or from hunting and fishing. 

Dave's dad and grandfather owned a 1200-acre pine plantation in Wisconsin; early on he recognized trees as a crop - with a long growing cycle.  He also learned the importance and responsibility of managing - planting, growing, and harvesting - a forest.  Both of us have a deep appreciation for nature because it sustained our livelihood, and we've always taught our family to value and enjoy the earth's natural resources. 

Today, it's important for everyone to know that Wisconsin Log Homes takes proper forest management very seriously.  The log and timber suppliers we partner with follow conscientious harvesting and reforesting practices, ensuring a continuous supply of quality trees.  Innovative, ecologically sound silviculture programs have been implemented to replant and maintain harvested areas, planting about three trees for every one harvested.  The latest technologies in road building and harvesting are used to ensure that the environment is impacted minimally. 

We believe that it is possible to live in harmony with nature by using our natural resources properly.  You can be sure that by building a Wisconsin Log Home, you will be respecting and honoring the environment.