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Floor Plan Insight: Important factors to consider when designing your home  

Functionality, artistic architecture, unique design details, energy efficiency, and precious property views are at the forefront of each of our custom homes.  The floor plan is the first and most important step to creating a home that lives as well as it looks.  First, think about your Read More

Mortgage Loan for your Home  

We strongly recommend that you get a mortgage loan commitment before you approach a bank for a construction loan.  Since the mortgage loan is the longest and most expensive of the two loans, it's important to concentrate more on comparing mortgage plans than "short term" construction loans. 

When you Read More

Construction Loan for Your Home  

Financing a home you plan to have built on your land is different from financing a pre-existing home.  With a pre-existing home, the banker determines the value of the home through an appraisal and then agrees to lend a percentage of the value to you as a mortgage.  The Read More

Developing a Budget for Your Home  

Except for a fortunate few, building a dream home usually involves both a construction loan and mortgage loan.  Financial consideration can greatly influence the size and style of a new home, so it's best to talk with your banker or financial advisor early in the planning process. 

Get a Read More

Characteristics of Wood Species for your Home  

One major decision you'll be making during the log or timber home process is the type of wood you'll be using for the exterior and interior of your home.  Your decision will be based not only on your preference, but also on your location and budget.  Some people decide Read More

Energy Efficient Guidelines for Your Log or Timber Frame Home  

Fifty to seventy percent of the energy used in the average American home is for heating and cooling.  The impact a house makes in the environment is massive and the reason that Wisconsin Log Homes decided from the start to build the industry's most energy-efficient custom wood homes with Read More

Designing The Perfect Floor Plan For You  

Choosing a floor plan that's right for your family can often be overwhelming once you decide to build a new home.  But with careful planning and help from an experienced custom design team, your new home will be functional and comfortable for years to come.  

Here are a few Read More

Selecting A Site For Your Log or Timber Frame Home  


Most everyone has an image of the setting they want for their dream log or timber frame home.  Before you start searching, it's important to consider the impact that site selection can have on your budget and home Read More

Is our DESIGN & BUILD PROCESS right for you?  

From the beginning, Kathy and I wanted to give clients more than just high quality homes.  We wanted to provide superior services that would also complement their lifestyle.  Over the years, we've implemented complete Design & Build Services including Architectural Planning & Design, Turn-Key Construction, Full-Service Interior Design & Read More

Personalized Interior Design & Decor Services  

As anyone who's built a custom home knows, the design and decorating process can sometimes be overwhelming considering all the different choices you are faced with.  Our goal has always been to make our clients' lives as easy and stress-free as possible during the design and build process, and Read More

Top Reasons our Thermal-Log is Smarter than Solid-Log  

My work as a builder combines craftsmanship, quality, and art, and I refused to settle for less.  I pioneered our Thermal-LogTM Building System in the 1970's knowing that log homes could be both beautiful and smart, and homeowners shouldn't have to settle with the many flaws that come along Read More

What are Luxury Services?  

Building our first log home over 39 years ago, Kathy and I learned first-hand that the quality of your experience is just as important as the quality of your home.

In fact, we founded Wisconsin Log Homes in 1976 with an idea to offer a complete package and complete Read More

Turn-Key Pricing Guide  

Staying within your determined budget throughout the entire home building process is not only important to you and your banker, but it's also a priority for the team at Wisconsin Log Homes. 

Having a team of experienced professionals you can trust to guide you from beginning to end is Read More

Geothermal Systems  

Since Wisconsin Log Homes' focus has always been on energy-efficiency, it's very important to us that each of our homes are heated and cooled in the most efficient, economical way possible.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are "the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space Read More

Homes In Harmony with Nature - by Kathy Janczak (co-founder)  

We periodically hear concerns from people about the trees we use and how we harvest our logs in harmony with nature.  I'd like to share a few personal reasons why this subject is very dear to me and Dave.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and Read More

Finding A Builder You Trust  

The search for a qualified contractor should begin as soon as you have a building site and preliminary drawings, even if you don't plan to break ground for several months.  It may take time to find a contractor who suits your requirements, and once you find the right one, Read More

Square Foot Costs Can Be Misleading.  

If someone says they can give you an accurate cost per square foot estimate during your first meeting, I suggest you move forward with caution. Numerous factors affect the cost of a custom home, and without getting thorough information regarding your visions first, it's nearly impossible to give an Read More

Choose a financially stable company  

Today more than ever, it's extremely important to choose a company who has a history of stability, success and a solid financial standing. 

Do your research before making a choice.  Has this company been in business for a long period of time?  Do they have a strong financial standing?  Read More

Is a discount really a discount?  

While you're researching custom log and timber home companies, you may see a few of them advertising discounts on their homes.  This is something you'll never see at Wisconsin Log Homes for the following reasons:

  1. Our home prices have always been "discounted."  Our home buyers have found when Read More
Cost Lasts Forever  
Like most of us, I learned at an early age that ‘you get what you pay for.'  I remember trying to save a few bucks on my first car; it sure looked good, but it spent most of its time in the mechanic shop getting repaired.  After having it Read More
The industry calls it Hybrid. We call it Design Freedom.  

After visiting their parent's home land in the late 1970's, a couple wanted us to build them a European stone style cottage.  Knowing that they wanted to incorporate log, the couple eagerly took advantage of Wisconsin Log Homes Thermal-LogTM Building System since solid log home providers would not have Read More

Our Thermal-Log System versus Solid Log Construction  

Wisconsin Log Homes actually started with designing and building solid log homes in 1976.  Because Kathy and I lived in a solid log home ourselves, we discovered over time the complications and disappointments that come along with the solid log system.  That's why we founded the Thermal-LogTM Building System, Read More