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R-Value Comparisons

Softwoods have an R-Value (insulating power or thermal resistance) of about 1.41 per inch. However, since logs can store and release energy, the R-Value generally increases by 0.1+ per inch. Therefore, if you were to build a traditional 12-inch diameter log home, the log wall of your home will have a maximum R-Value of about 18.12.

If you were to build a traditional 2x4 studded home with fiberglass insulation, sheathing, and wallboard, your wall will only contain an R-Value of about 14.12. However, the disadvantage of traditional log homes are that they are susceptible to air leaks as the logs move, contract, and expand with climate changes.

For this reason, Wisconsin Log Homes pioneered the Thermal-Log™ Building System in 1979. This advanced hybrid system is unique because it combines the energy efficiency and thermal mass of logs, but eliminates all the disadvantages associated with traditional log home construction, all while more than doubling the R-Value of your home.

*Source: US Department of Energy

R-Value Chart

What is an R-Value?

An R-Value indicates insulating power, or thermal resistance. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power. Higher R-Values are more effective at maximizing your energy savings and comfort. Insulation is an important part of log and timber home construction, and essential for keeping your home quiet, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Be critical about tight construction. Even today's high-efficiency heating and cooling systems cannot perform effectively in a drafty or poorly insulated house. To save on energy costs, it's imperative to build a well-insulated, tightly-constructed home. Remember, energy-smart construction applies to cooling as well as to heating. In hot climates, insulation will shorten your cooling season, greatly reducing your energy costs.

Energy Star Standards

Each Wisconsin Log Home, Timber Home, and Hybrid Home is designed to meet national building codes and exceed energy standards. Thermal-Log™ has earned energy awards in the Midwest from state and local utilities. The Thermal-Log™ building system is designed to meet the requirements for Good Cents® and ENERGY STAR® programs. Certification of energy efficiency is commissioned by homeowners on an individual basis, and is awarded to homes that incorporate certain levels of insulation. As the home is built, an energy evaluation is completed and includes: on-site inspections, air leakage tests, computer analysis, estimating savings and energy rating. This certification of energy efficiency gives you access to special financing opportunities such as Energy Efficient Mortgages. This is a nationwide program.

For more information, call your local utility or visit www.energystar.gov.