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A Case Study

In a private study, David Janczak, founder of Wisconsin Log Homes, compared a 16-inch solid-log home with a home built using his new Thermal-Log™ Building System. David found that the Thermal-Log™ home used one-third the amount of energy to heat twice the amount of living space.

As a result, in 1979, Wisconsin Log Homes completely stopped building and selling solid-log homes. Why such an emphasis on energy efficiency? Because savings are greater than you may think – hundreds of dollars the first year, thousands of dollars in the future. All the money in the world won't buy energy once it's gone.

Note: Case study heating costs are from the same ten-month heating season, and the homes tested were within thirty miles of each other.

Design Freedom

At Wisconsin Log Homes, we believe that personal style is the essence of having a home you can truly love… a place where you can be most comfortable. The flexibility of our Thermal-Log™ Building System permits an extensive range of architectural styles and the freedom to combine unique building materials of your choice. Both the interior and exterior of your home can be finished with an endless possibility of distinctive products.

Expressing your personal style in your log home can be a challenge on your own. However, when you choose Wisconsin Log Homes, you’ll have a team of creative professionals who will listen to your visions and help you create the perfect plan and select products that suit your style, location, and budget. It’s all part of our complete Design Build Solution.

Consistent Quality

With Wisconsin Log Homes’ Thermal-Log™ building technology, there is no log-wall settling or insulation problems, and air infiltration is completely stopped.

Since the 1970’s, we’ve proven that insulation combined with thermal mass is
simply the most effective way to lock in expensive energy in log home construction. Our innovative building system provides a warm environment in the winter, and a cool one in the summer.

Numerous log and timber frame manufacturers have attempted to adopt many aspects of our successful building system. We can say with great pride that we have, through our Thermal-Log™ and other innovations, literally changed an industry for the better.

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Trouble-Free Construction

Thermal-Log™ homes are designed for optimum performance and versatility. These log homes of the 21st Century are plugged in - indoor/outdoor sound systems, security systems, home theaters, HVAC, duct work and plumbing are all much easier to install. There's no need for standby electrical and plumbing labor - all qualified subcontractors can do the work. The Thermal-Log™ Building System also preserves the integrity of the roof and walls, with no vertical support beams that need to be adjusted over time.