Construction of a Wisconsin Log Home

Custom Log &
Timber Homes

Complete Home Package

With Wisconsin Log Homes' Complete Materials Package Guarantee, your hybrid log or timber home package will be the most complete in the industry.

Wisconsin Log Homes assures a No Shortage Guarantee with your Complete Materials Package, specifying that all necessary material quantities are provided to construct the applicable areas per your final construction blueprints provided by Wisconsin Log Homes.

To help avoid all guess-work for your builder, a printout of all the building materials, where they are used, and detailed instructions explaining how they should be constructed are included with every log home and timber home package. As long as the final working drawings are followed, you and your builder will not have to be concerned about cost overruns or shortages on the materials supplied by Wisconsin Log Homes. For your own peace of mind, our project coordinator and customer service team is available to answer any technical questions you or your on-site builder may have.

Not only do we provide complete materials with your log home or timber-frame home package, but you'll also receive the most personalized and complete services in the industry from our friendly team of experts. Our Design Build Solution combines On-Site Design Consultations, Architectural Planning & Design, Construction, and Interior Design & Décor to make your home building experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The steps Wisconsin Log Homes will take if your Complete Home Package is short materials:

Although material shortages are very rare, they most commonly occur when the builder and/or purchaser does not utilize the materials provided by Wisconsin Log Homes in accordance with the detailed instructions provided by Wisconsin Log Homes or in conformity with the final construction drawings. Neglecting to use materials for what is specifically shown on the construction blueprints in a wasteful manner, or not in accordance with industry standards will automatically void this guarantee.