Hybrid log home with timber accents

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Hybrid Homes

Experience the Art of Design Freedom.®

Since the 1970's, our innovative Thermal-Log™ Building System has given our homeowners the ability to create true hybrid log and timber homes to accommodate their personal style and needs. The flexibility of our hybrid building system permits an extensive range of architectural styles and the freedom to select and combine unique building materials of your choice. Both the interior and exterior of your hybrid log or timber home can be designed to your specific taste with endless possibilities.

Product selection and integration – whether log, timber, cedar, stone, glass, shakes, stucco, drywall, etc – has always been an exciting step in our custom design process. You'll receive personalized guidance from our experts throughout the design of your custom hybrid home to create your very own work of art.

Today, the industry calls these homes that combine various building materials and design styles "Hybrid," but we've always called it "Design Freedom" that allows us to better service each of our customers, no matter what their style is.

The hybrid Thermal-Log™ Building System, pioneered by the Wisconsin Log Homes team in the 70's, revolutionized the industry to this day and truly made dream homes possible for everyone.


“Hybrids, Half-Logs & New Tastes”

written by Kathy Janczak

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