Designing a log home or cabin to fit on your site

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Design Consultations

On-Site Design Consultations

During the early design phase, we will gather information about your building site and decide if an On-Site Design Consultation will be appropriate for your needs during the Preliminary Design Process. At your site, we'll walk your property together and look for major views and setback issues like wetlands or area restrictions. We'll also consider nearby homes, topography and grade, and determine where the sun sets and rises. Taking all these details into consideration, we will discuss design possibilities that will maximize exposure and aesthetics, and create a home that will blend effortlessly into its surroundings. On-Site Design Consultations are especially beneficial when dealing with unique and more complicated building sites.

In-House Design Consultations

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Modified Alpine Meadow II

In the research and planning stage, you will have the opportunity to meet with your personal Wisconsin Log Homes’ consultant, design team, and in-house general contractor to discuss your project visions and cost parameters in detail. During these pressure-free meetings, you will meet with our design experts to discuss your ideas and expectations. We will also discuss your project plans and needs in detail, create conceptual sketches of your home's initial design if required, and determine turn-key cost parameters and design feasibility. It is our priority to make sure that you are completely informed and comfortable before making a commitment to move forward.