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The Elkhorn

In the preliminary design stage, you will work closely with your personal home consultant and designer, discussing ideas that you would like to incorporate in your custom home design. Our team of experts will offer suggestions and options for your log or timber frame floor plan, all while keeping your needs, wants and budget in mind.

Early in the preliminary design process, we will complete the basic layout for your home, forwarding plans back and forth until you are satisfied with the overall rough design. We will also discuss finish options such as window and door styles, log and timber profiles, interior and exterior colors and textures, and structural or decorative bracing to create the precise style you are envisioning.

The Caribou

Next, we will draw the plans for your log, timber frame, or hybrid home, including all elevations. At this time, you will also have the option to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the exterior of your home by using our 3-D rendering services. You'll appreciate the time-saving, cost-saving, and confidence-building advantages of our newest
3-D technology.

Upon the completion and approval of your drawings, Wisconsin Log Homes will distribute the plans to the contractor(s) of your choice. Unique to the industry, Wisconsin Log Homes has an in-house building crew and project manager, but we can also direct you to a reputable contractor in your area through our National Builder Network if you do not already have one in mind. Your home consultant will assist your builder with any questions or information they need to submit an accurate proposal and we can review the proposal with you to make sure you thoroughly understand the information. We will also be able to generate a contract price for your Wisconsin Log Homes Materials Package at this time.

When you are comfortable with all design and building aspects of your home, we will begin final design development. At this time, final floor plans and elevations are combined and adjustments are made for proportion and scale. Every detail is reviewed, ensuring that the structure is accurate for construction.

Wisconsin Log Homes requests a down payment starting at only $1.00 per square foot for Preliminary Design Drawings generated by our design team. The complete down payment will be credited towards your Wisconsin Log Homes materials package. Final Working Drawings begin once we have a signed contract and 10% deposit on your complete materials package.

The Kensington Lodge
The Kensington Lodge

Architectural Design

An Interview with David Janczak

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On-line Conference

Interact with our designers on your floor plan from long distance.

You'll enjoy using our On-Line Conference to interact and collaborate with our designers on your home plan from any location in the world. Our On-Line Conference allows you to view your floor plans via high-speed internet and speak directly with our design team as you watch your desired revisions made from your own computer screen. You don't have to operate any software; simply follow the web link, sit back, relax and watch your computer screen while you speak directly with your personal consultant and designer, and watch them make changes in real-time. It's quick, efficient and fun!