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Below are frequently asked questions about our design and blueprint services. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-678-9107 or e-mail info@wisconsinloghomes.com for additional information.

1. How much do blueprints cost at Wisconsin Log Homes?

Final construction blueprints at Wisconsin Log Homes are free as they are included in our custom home package and complete design/build services. However, before we get to the blueprint stage, our home consultants will work with you to thoroughly understand your needs and ideas so you feel comfortable moving forward with preliminary plans. It’s very important to us that the client knows what to expect before plans are started so there are no surprises during the design or construction phase. We only ask for a down payment of $1.00 per square foot to start the preliminary plan process, but that money is credited back towards your Wisconsin Log Homes materials package.

2. What’s involved in the design process? What can I expect and how can I prepare for this step?

While working with you to design your home, our design team will take into consideration all the details that will affect your home plan such as your specified wants and needs, how you expect the home to live, structural integrity and building materials, roof design, local building codes and requirements, property views and restrictions, nearby homes, topography and grade, your personal style, and so forth. For the customer, there isn’t a lot to worry about as you will be personally guided through the process. To best prepare, start a binder full of pictures, ideas, and options you would like to incorporate into your home and openly communicate your visions with our design team. If you are just getting started and don’t yet have specifics or a plan in mind, we’ll work with you to compile your needs. You don’t have to be prepared, we just ask that you communicate openly and honestly with us so we understand your visions and can successfully design a home that will fit all of your personal needs.

3. When it comes to design fees, what are the specific services that homeowners pay for?

As mentioned, our design fees are included in our custom home package and complete design/build services. During the planning and design stage, our home consultants and designers will work with you from start to finish, discussing every detail involved in your project like options for your home, permits, engineering fees, turn-key costs, and construction allowances so you have a very clear picture of what exactly is involved in your home, from design to construction and beyond. We also offer our clients three-dimensional renderings of their design, along with furniture layouts and space planning by our resident interior designer. Our responsibility is to make sure you understand what to expect so you can make educated decisions and eliminate any surprise costs after construction begins or you commit to a loan. Unique to the industry, Wisconsin Log Homes doesn’t just design homes; we provide complete national design and build services from planning and architectural design, to construction and project management, to full service interior design & décor and custom cabinetry. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a finished home and experience of your dreams, not just drawings and materials.

4. How can I keep my design and drawing fees down? How can I save money in this process while getting a quality design?

The most important thing you can do is carefully research each company you are considering upfront. Based on your needs, pick a company you trust and move forward with them knowing that they are going to take care of you. The biggest mistake we see customers make is choosing a company based on who has the lowest price. We strongly recommend that you find out why that company has a lower price because there is always a reason and you might not discover it until its too late. Once you choose the company you want to work with, be honest and open about your needs and budget with your designers so they can design your home accordingly.

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