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Our custom designs are all about you. Each featured floor plan on this page was designed to fit an individual family's unique needs, style, location and budget. All of our plans, including these, can be altered inside and out to fit your specific wood home visions. Whatever your needs are, we'll build them into a design that's right for you.

The Jackson - Wisconsin Log Homes Western Mountain
Architectural Characteristics
  • Sprawling Multi-Level Roof Lines
  • Heavy Log Accents & Beam Work
  • Expansive Large Windows
  • Oversized Dormers & Fascia Details
  • Large Outdoor Living Spaces
The Grandview - Wisconsin Log Homes Pacific Northwest
Architectural Characteristics
  • Eco-Conscious Design Attributes
  • Modern Use of Log & Timber Elements
  • Large Amounts of Windows
  • Complimentary Indoor/Outdoor Spaces
The Diamond Lodge - Wisconsin Log Homes Adirondack
Architectural Characteristics
  • Lower Multi-Level Roof Lines
  • Irregular Design Elements
  • Extended Overhangs
  • Natural Rustic Finishes
  • Oversized Covered & Screened Porches
  • Prominent Stone Foundations
The Brunswick - Wisconsin Log Homes Chalet
Architectural Characteristics
  • Asymmetrical Roof Lines
  • Heavy use of Fascias & Trim
  • Mixture of Stucco, Stone, and Wood
  • Upper Level Balconies
  • Decorative Shutters
The Sheldon - Wisconsin Log Homes Appalachian
Architectural Characteristics
  • Modest Roof Lines
  • Traditional Log Accents
  • Hewned Logs with Chinking
  • Full-Length Covered Porches
  • Stone Foundation
The Edgewood - Wisconsin Log Homes Craftsman
Architectural Characteristics
  • Lower Pitched Roofs with Multiple Angles & Knee Braces
  • Wood Shake on Gables & Doors
  • Expansive Large Windows
  • Covered Entry with Wood Column Pairs on Tapered Stone Bases
  • Interconnected Beam Work & Decorative Pergolas
  • Deep Gable Overhangs with Timber Trusses
  • Large Gable & Shed Porches
The Chamberlen - Wisconsin Log Homes French Country
Architectural Characteristics
  • High Pitched Roofs with Asymmetrical Roof Lines
  • Prominently Taller Windows
  • Barrel Shaped Windows & Dormers
  • Central Courtyard Entries
  • Compact Overhangs & Fascia Lines
  • Mix of Flat Stone & Brick with Natural Accents