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Floor Plans

Floor Plans

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Planning Your Custom Floor Plan

Since 1976, Wisconsin Log Homes has created thousands of custom log, timber frame, and hybrid home designs in all sizes and architectural styles. Our design team is famous among homeowners all over the world for their consideration of individual lifestyle requirements. Whether you want to create an elegant log home, a rustic cabin in the woods, a timber frame or post & beam, or a hybrid architectural masterpiece, Wisconsin Log Homes will bring your unique visions to life.

Because the exterior look of a plan can easily be changed in most cases, the floor plan should be your main focus. While browsing through our floor plans, you may find a single design that comes close, with some custom modifications, to meeting your needs. More often though, elements of several different designs may interest you. You might like the floor plan of one design, the master suite layout of a second, the exterior style of another, and so forth. "Mixing and matching" is encouraged since Wisconsin Log Homes specializes in custom home design.

Custom Design Services

Modifying A Custom Floor Plan

Here is an example of how the Chamberien floor plan was modified to fit a client’s personal specifications. The following is a list of changes one client brought to us to transform the Chamberien plan into an entirely different design that would meet the needs of this individual family. The Diamond View emerged from the Chamberien plan after making modifications to reflect one family’s design requirements.

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