Wisconsin Log Homes Building System

Company Profile

Thermal-Log™ Building System

Wisconsin Log Homes originated the Thermal-Log™ Building System in 1976. The Thermal-Log™ Building System features an energy-smart core insulated wall that is air-tight and draft-free. This innovative system provides a structured framework that will not shrink or settle like other log home systems, resulting in a log home that is much easier to maintain with proven durability to last for generations to come. The Thermal-Log™ Building System also allows for large expanses of glass walls, windows, and large open interiors with exceptionally high ceilings.

In addition to these structural advantages, the Thermal-Log™ Building System offers countless design possibilities: you can choose any interior wall finish you like, from log to drywall to paneling. With our many different log styles and various log sizes, species and profiles available, your options and finish combinations are limitless.

Product Selection

The beauty of a Wisconsin Log Homes' structure begins with our Thermal-Log™ Building System and our ability to offer the industry's widest selection of log and timber profiles.

It’s one thing to have a drawing on paper. It’s quite another to bring it to life. Where most producers offer only a few choices, Wisconsin Log Homes offers handcrafted log in several distinctive profiles, ranging from 6 to 12-inches. Every log and timber is hand-peeled to have a smooth or hewned surface. Mix and match log and timber styles throughout your home to add natural, distinctive character.

Our extraordinary selection of log and timber products will complement the glass, stone, shake and other materials you choose and will ensure your home is a one-of-a-kind personal expression of you.