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Log Home Innovations

At Wisconsin Log Homes we don't follow trends, we start them. Here are some of our "Firsts" in the industry—the new products and innovations Wisconsin Log Homes has developed over the years:

1980: Developed our own Energy Truss system to insulate the space where the roof and the walls intersected, a virtually impossible task beforehand. This innovative truss design helps to increase a home's energy efficiency.
1981: Brown County Energy Conservation Center newsletter talks about Wisconsin Log Homes super-insulated split-log design.
1984: Construction completed on 3,000 square foot envelope home that uses solar and geothermal energy and Thermal-Log™ to cut energy costs.
1987: Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility relocated to current site, with state-of-the-art equipment, including computerized sawmill, CAD design department, and beautifully decorated showroom.
1990: Received the Design for Living Award from the publishers of Log Home Living magazine for building a home that is technologically up to date, as well as exemplifying the best in style and function.
1991: Wisconsin Log Homes wins the "Showcase" position at the Home & Garden Show in Minneapolis, MN, with its fresh, open floor plan concept and new Cottage-Log™ product. Cottage-Log™ was the first ship-lap log siding that was 100% hand-peeled.
1992: Introduced Timber-Lock, a distinctive western red cedar siding, to meet the demand for a thick timber home that would blend into the suburbs.
1993: Introduced a 10-inch high Ship-lap log style, and offered beveled windows and door trim for a more finished look. - Shipped our first log home package to Japan.
1994: Introduced a Saddle-Notch corner style to our Thermal-Log™ building system.
1995: Introduced a 12-inch high log to the insulated log home industry. - Energy Star is just beginning to get into rating log homes. . . something we've been doing for almost three decades at this point.
1996: Added our kiln-dried product line.
1997: Designed a technique to eliminate log water ledges.
1998: Introduced a new product line for remodeling contractors.
1999: Developed our new 10-inch Scandinavian Saddle-Notch log.
1999: Introduced Wisconsin Log Homes Building Division.
1999: First component home built.
2000: Added 10- and 12-inch Saddle-Notch corner logs.
2001: Added the new 10-inch round log profile with Tru-Fit butt and pass corner system.
2001: Introduced our Lodge Style Furniture Collection.
2003: Added in-house interior design services.
2005: Introduced our precision milled vertical round corner logs. - Won the Showcase position in the filming of Log Homes of the 21st Century with our hybrid building options.
2006: Introduced the first Random Interlocking Blend of 8-10- and 12-inch height logs creating the authentic look of our forefathers.
2007: Two hybrid Thermal-Log™ homes are built in Europe's "Future Home Village" 45-minutes from Copenhagen, Denmark. The project promotes energy efficient living.
2008: Expanded in-house custom cabinetry and design services are added to our complete Design Build Solution, further simplifying the hybrid log or timber home building experience.
2008: Move-in day services such as delivery, set-up and interior styling are available with custom ordered furniture packages, helping make your house your home.