Wisconsin Log Homes Fournders building first log cabin

Company Profile


Dave & Kathy Janczak
Founders/Owners of
Wisconsin Log Homes

Wisconsin Log Homes didn't start like most other log home companies. It emerged out of the love of one man for a woman. In the early 1970’s, newlyweds Dave and Kathy Janczak shared a common wish – to live in a log home.

Dave lived and breathed construction since he was a child. When he was young, Dave and his father, Steve, would spend time together remodeling old homes. Dave learned more about the art of construction and carpentry while working for a local builder throughout his High School and College years.

After getting married, the couple soon fell in love with a twenty-acre piece of land in the countryside of Pittsfield, Wisconsin. Dave promised Kathy that he'd use his construction background and build her a beautiful log home they’d both be proud to own.

Working day and night throughout the design and construction of the home, the couple hand-cut and peeled each log that would go into their home. Dave worked on-site every day, while Kathy visited on her lunch breaks to give Dave a hand or word of encouragement.

The home was soon completed and received great fanfare from the local media. Newspapers and TV stations did stories on the labor of love. As a result, people began showing up at the house asking Dave to build them equally beautiful log homes.

The reaction from the many log home enthusiasts is what prompted Kathy and Dave to begin Wisconsin Log Homes and is still what drives them to be an industry leader and pioneer in log home building technologies. Dave began to design and build the homes while Kathy used her marketing and advertising background to educate customers about log homes - and together they set a new standard for the industry.

"Looking back, we never knew that so many people were just as passionate about the log home lifestyle as we are. What we have always loved most about being in this industry is meeting so many wonderful people and becoming personally involved in their home to help bring their dreams to life."

Dave and Kathy’s home has been remodeled and modernized twice since the 1970’s and is available for private tours. Call Wisconsin Log Homes at 1-800-678-9107 to make an appointment.