Wisconsin Log Home Company Headquarters -- Model and Showroom

Company Profile

Company Profile

Our Beliefs

Wisconsin Log Homes believes that Dream Experiences are just as important as Dream Homes. Anyone can offer a materials package, but the quality of those materials and the type of service you'll receive before, during, and after your home is built is what really matters and sets us apart from the rest.

Our customers tell us that it's more than the quality of our homes and services that make Wisconsin Log Homes the best choice; it's the talented, dedicated and caring people they are surrounded with during their entire project that really creates the ultimate experience. Our team's openness, honesty, knowledge, ingenuity, and our passion to make a difference while nurturing your ideas is what allows us to build outstanding relationships and homes so you can realize your dreams.

Our Business

Since hand-scribing our first log home in 1976, Wisconsin Log Homes has evolved to become one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers and builders of the most elite, elegant, and energy-efficient custom log and timber homes. While "green" and "hybrid" are the newest catch words in the industry, they precisely represent the Thermal-Log™ Building System that we pioneered decades ago.

Our Thermal-Log™ System blends the wisdom of modern day construction with the craftsmanship and beauty of log and timber homes, achieving up to R-50+ in the walls and up to R-65+ in the roof, which translates into energy savings, no log-wall settling or air infiltration, less maintenance and more comfort.

With our hybrid building system, you'll enjoy a custom design that reflects your style, your setting, and your budget. The sky is the limit with our custom design approach and unique product selection - log, timber, cedar, stone, and any other natural building materials of your choice. All our logs are 100% hand-peeled and every Wisconsin Log Home is exclusive; we've never built the same home twice.